Damn you, Seth!

I'm off work for the next week and a half - conveniently, just in time for the Olympics.

It's ironic that I'm such an Olympics junkie, given that I have the rough physical coordination of a spastic CP quad patient (I can make jokes like this because I help treat them. That makes it OK, right?)

Anyhow, this has been making the rounds of the ex-GW blogs, and since I'm currently sitting at home in my bathrobe and boxers at 10:20 am, I figure now's as good a time as ever to fill 'er out. I was tagged by Seth, incidentally; burn in hell, Seth.

Four jobs I’ve had
* Bagel Sandwich Maker
* Data Entry Clerk at an immunization office; I know what shots you've had.
* Laboratory Assistant
* Doctor (pending)

Four movies I can watch over and over
* The Party (1968, Peter Sellers/Blake Edwards)
* Super Troopers
* 28 Days Later
* Ronin

Four places I have lived
* Edmonton, Alberta
* Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
* Kungshamn, Sweden (briefly)
* Kingston, Ontario

Four TV shows I love to watch
* Arrested Development
* Scrubs
* 24
* The Sopranos

Four places I have been on vacation
* Quintana Roo, Mexico
* Fairbank Lake, Ontario
* Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Tortola (same cruise)
* Dinney World!

Four websites I visit daily
* Something Awful
* Wikipedia
* Globeandmail.com
* gmail.com

Four of my favourite foods
* Pepperoni and sausage pizza
* Pasta with bolognese sauce
* All-Bran Buds (no, really)
* This crazy fucking Indian thing with yogurt that my sister makes

Four places I would rather be right now
* On a beach somewhere in the Carribean, away from the hotels and the tourists
* Spain. Always wanted to go to Spain.
* In the emergency room (no, really)
* Montreal