Been a while, I know

I'm briefly back home between interviews right now. Quick recap of the past few months:

1. Pediatric subspecialty kind of boring. ICU stressful but interesting; I got to throw in a few central lines, which is always awesome. Family med OK. Emerg elective in Kingston went well.

2. CaRMS did NOT go so well; landed five interviews off of fifteen applications. Only one of eleven for emerg went through; looks like I'll be doing family med emergency!

3. Just interviewed at my only five-year emerg program in Manitoba. Great program, and I think I stand a good chance at matching there. Unfortunately, I don't know if I can convince myself to live in Winnipeg for five years. I'll be having this debate with myself often over the next two weeks.

4. Next week will be interviewing family med in Kingston and Montreal. Drinks will be had.

Later, peeps.