Medicine ate my life

So. Sorry about the downtime, folks, but it's been kind of... hellish lately.

I've been doing internal medicine the past month and a half. It wasn't so bad at the University; I usually would get home by 7 o'clock or so and have a little time to pretend to set up my new condo. By the way, I moved into a new condo about four weeks ago. Haven't done shit to get it set up, mind you.

But now I'm at the Alex (another big hospital). I am the sole resident in charge of my team, which currently has about 10 patients but will likely have about 40 after a couple of nights of admissions. My staff doctor is essentially absent. I am NOT FUCKING READY FOR THIS.

Also the power company shut off my juice and it took a week to come back on. I forgot to set it up in the first place, you see; I think a sign of how much this job drains you is when you forget to do very obvious and simple tasks in the rest of your life.

I'll see you all in a few weeks. Life will get better some day soon, this I promise myself.


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